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A Pair of Monkeys

I finally finished the Pink Monkey socks for my BFF Mel for Christmas and they turned out great. They are not as red as they look in the photo, but a more coral pink color. Cooke A.’s pattern was a fun and easy knit, and now I understand why it’s been all over the knitting net for the last few months. Although I was slow to jump on the Monkey bandwagon, I will be knitting this pattern again. I have seen some interesting mods around the net and may try some of them in the future. Thanks Cookie for the great pattern!

Pink Monkeys

Have any of you guys checked out the web site Knitting Friends? If you like reading knitting blogs (I do!, I do!), then you will love this web site. I found out about it from a post at SavannahChik’s blog. I enjoy Knitting Friends so much I have made it one of my home page tabs in IE7 and visit it several times a day. I’ve already discovered some knitting blogs that I’d never visited and have added a couple to my regular reads. Although I don’t need any more reasons to sit at the computer, I can’t resist reading about other knitter’s projects, getting a sense of what’s currently hot in the knitting universe and connecting virtually with the knitting community. So, to all you awesome knitting bloggers out there, knit and blog on!!!

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