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She’s baaaack….

and she’s been trying to post for a week, but life keeps interrupting. So here’s what I’ve been up to for the three weeks since my last post:

  • Ravelry. I think Ann of Crossroad Knits said it best in this post; this site WILL consume your life if you don’t know when to say whoa. I’ve spent a lot of time at Ravelry and have barely begun to tame my knitting monster. Of course, that could be because I’m always feeding it, so it’s always growing. I’ve fed it several new books, magazines, and more yarn over the last couple of weeks and now it’s grown so much I need to knit it a new sweater. Sigh… it’s a never ending cycle.
  • Took a trip to visit friends while Mr. Perfect was out of town on business. As I loaded the car and headed out, it occurred to me that this was the first time I had ever traveled alone. Yep, you heard me right, I’m 49 years old and I’d never traveled alone before. Never. Ever. Oh I’ve done plenty of traveling: I’ve been to or through 30 of the 50 states, I’ve seen both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans up close and personal, I’ve spent 3 days crossing Texas, I’ve even been to both Disneyland AND Disneyworld for heaven’s sake, but there has always been someone with me; my mom, my brother(s), my sister, my husband, one or more of my kids, a friend, or some combination of the above. This time it was just me, alone, all by myself, and I have to confess, I was a little nervous. I thought about all the things that could happen. Like, what if I ran off the road into a heavily wooded area where no one could see my car and I was trapped inside and couldn’t reach my cell phone. Or what if I stopped for gas and an escaped mental patient car-jacked me and took me to some secluded spot and…. well, you can fill in the rest. Yeah, I know, but those kind of things DO happen, and way too often to unsuspecting women on their own. So if you’re one of those brave women who have packed up your life and set off to move to a new city, or new state, or maybe even a new country, I humbly and sincerely applaud you!
  • Celebrated my Mom’s 73rd birthday. She’s getting old and is exhibiting the early stages of Alzhiemer’s, so she may not have very many birthdays left, or at least one’s she’ll remember.
  • Celebrated the 9th and 12th birthdays of two of our grandchildren.
  • Finished the second mitten of the pair I made to match the Coronet hat I knit in September so I could give the set to my DIL Pam for her birthday (which happens to be the same day as my Mom’s). I had originally intended to give the hat to my DIL Kim for Christmas, but after I finished the first mitten I decided that the set suited Pam better. The mittens are knit with six repeats of the Coronet cable pattern for the cuff, then like the hat, I picked up stitches along the side of the cable band and knit the hand using a generic mitten pattern from the knitter’s handy book of Patterns by Ann Budd. The mittens turned out very nice, although I’m not crazy about the decreases used for the top; it was a little too pointy. I prefer a more rounded mitten. I didn’t get a picture of the set before I gave it to her, but here is a picture of her wearing them:

Coronet hat and mittens for Pam's birhtday 2007 She really likes them as you can tell by the smile on her face. The cute guy standing next to her is our third son, and her husband, Daniel. Don’t they make a cute couple? They started dating when she was 15 and he was 16, married 3 years later and will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary in March. She is such a sweetheart and we love her dearly. In fact, we love all three of our daughter-in-laws; they have been such a blessing to our family and we’re so very proud to call them “our girls”!

Fall finally arrived in NW Florida, so I took a break from Christmas knitting to make my youngest son a watch-cap. I used brioche rib for the hat, and let me tell you, there is no neat way to do decreases in brioche rib. I ripped the crown of the hat 4 times trying to maintain the brioche rib pattern, but in the end I gave up and switched to standard 1×1 ribbing for the crown. It looks OK on the right side, but the pattern change is very obvious on the wrong side. No pictures because 19 year DS is never home long enough to snap his photo.

In other knitting news, I have finally started assembling and finishing a sweater I began last Fall. I completed knitting the pieces last February or March, but put it aside when it came time for blocking and assembling. “Why” you may ask? Well, the truth is I don’t have very much confidence in my finishing skills, so I took some time to peruse several of my knitting books and really study the art of assemblage. That was one of the best things I could have ever done, because when I decided it was time, the things I learned while studying those books helped me successfully complete the task. Here is a photo of one very neat sleeve seam. Now all I have to do is sew one more side/underarm seam, pick up and knit the collar, sew on the the buttons and my sweater will be finished!Successful sleeve seam

Hope you’ve been as successful with your knitting endeavors and have enjoyed them to boot. I’m off to browse a few knitting books from my collection and see what catches my eye. Or maybe I’ll go ahead and set to work finishing that sweater. I could also work on the Dressy Jacket. Or maybe post more stash info on Ravelry. Isn’t it great to have choices? Till next time, knit and blog on!


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Update: My Ravelry invitation came Friday evening, 10/12/2007. Set up my account right away and have been exploring ever since. If I’m AWOL for a while, you’ll know where to find me. BTW, I’m ‘joezgal‘ at Ravelry, too!

Woohoo! Here’s my Ravelry waitlist standing as of today. Yesterday there were more than 2,400 people ahead of me in line; at this rate, I should be receiving my Ravelry invitation within the next few days! I’m really curious to see firsthand what everyone has been blogging about, but mostly it will be nice to be able to access all the links and references that bloggers have been posting about. I would have already been on Ravelry long ago if I had signed up when I first heard about it several months ago. I went to the website and checked it out, but didn’t find it too interesting so I skipped the sign-up. In retrospect, one of those slap-your-forehead-call-yourself-stupid moments. Who knew? Oh well, you can’t change the past, you can only roll your eyes and wonder what’s taking the future so long to get here.



patiently awaiting your invite?

If you’ve added your name to the invite request list on our front page then you can use this form to check your place in line.

Email address look me up!

Found you!

  • You signed up on August 20, 2007
  • You are #27344 on the list.
  • 1310 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 14448 people are behind you in line.
  • 61% of the list has been invited so far


















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A Pair of Monkeys

I finally finished the Pink Monkey socks for my BFF Mel for Christmas and they turned out great. They are not as red as they look in the photo, but a more coral pink color. Cooke A.’s pattern was a fun and easy knit, and now I understand why it’s been all over the knitting net for the last few months. Although I was slow to jump on the Monkey bandwagon, I will be knitting this pattern again. I have seen some interesting mods around the net and may try some of them in the future. Thanks Cookie for the great pattern!

Pink Monkeys

Have any of you guys checked out the web site Knitting Friends? If you like reading knitting blogs (I do!, I do!), then you will love this web site. I found out about it from a post at SavannahChik’s blog. I enjoy Knitting Friends so much I have made it one of my home page tabs in IE7 and visit it several times a day. I’ve already discovered some knitting blogs that I’d never visited and have added a couple to my regular reads. Although I don’t need any more reasons to sit at the computer, I can’t resist reading about other knitter’s projects, getting a sense of what’s currently hot in the knitting universe and connecting virtually with the knitting community. So, to all you awesome knitting bloggers out there, knit and blog on!!!

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